Danville High School Policies & Procedures
Eligibility Policy

To participate in extracurricular activities, all students must meet the academic standards of the Illinois High School Association (IHSA Bylaw #3.020). Eligibility checks will be taken every Thursday.
Scholastic requirements set by IHSA and the Danville District 118 Board of Education (6:190) must be met:
  • Must pass 5 academic classes in previous semester to be eligible for an activity.
  • Must be passing 5 academic classes per week (5 credit hours) to be eligible.  PE and Fitness Training are included as one of the 5 academic classes.
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements of IHSA.  Exception: Seniors in the Work Study Program must be passing 5 academic classes, which also include PE or Fitness Training or the current IHSA requirement.

Extracurricular activities are activities that occur outside normal school hours and are not included as a part of a Board accredited curricula offering. Some examples of extracurricular activities are:
  1. Athletics
  2. Supportive of outside-of-class groups associated with music:
    • Drum line
    • Flags
    • Marching Band
    • Music competitions that are not part of the stated curriculum.
  3. Cheerleaders
  4. Clubs
  5. Homecoming Court, Prom Court
  6. Pompettes
  7. Student Council
  8. School Paper
  9. Yearbook
  10. Scholastic Bowl
  11. Y-Teens

This is not an inclusive list. Other activities may be subject to the eligibility policy as determined by the principal.

Procedures to follow for DHS students and staff:
  1. The initial eligibility check of the first semester will be listed in the eligibility schedule in the pocket of the staff handbook folder. Therefore, eligibility checks will be made every week unless interrupted by a vacation schedule.
  2. The initial eligibility check of the second semester will be made according to the eligibility schedule. Thereafter, eligibility checks will be made every week unless interrupted by a vacation schedule. 
  3. Grades will be cumulative by semester.
  4. A list of all DHS extracurricular participants will be placed in each teacher's post box each Friday. That list should be returned to the Athletic Director's office no later than 3 pm on the following Wednesday.
  5. Field trips and performances that are related to a class are considered curricula and are not affected by this policy.
  6. A list of students ineligible will be produced the next day and will be sent to administrators, advisers, coaches, and counselors only.
  7. It is the responsibility of the adviser/director/coach to see that no ineligible student practices or performs.
  8. Section 3.024 of The Illinois High School Association Handbook states that "Passing work shall be defined as work of such a grade that if on any given date students would transfer to another school, passing grades for the course would immediately be certified on their transcript to the school to which they transfer." Again, grades are cumulative by semester, and these grades are to accurately reflect a student's current status. Failing grades are not to be given to students to discipline them or to try to motivate them. A failing grade means the students is doing "F" work. Teachers are to have weekly homework and/or quiz/test grades. When computing the cumulative grade, only grades through the prior Friday are to be included. Grades for work completed on the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of the week of the check apply to the next eligibility check.
  9. Students' names will be removed from the eligibility list only if the classroom teacher writes a memo to the Assistant Principal stating that the grade was miscalculated. Students will not be added to the list after the deadline of each eligibility check day.