Danville High School Policies & Procedures
Student Identification Cards 
Ms. Hayes Room 123

For the safety and well-being of our students, picture identification cards must be worn at all times!

A student identification card must be presented to obtain a class schedule at registration.
  • Student identification cards are purchased by new students for a $3 fee
  • Replacement identification cards may be purchased for a $5 fee
  • Student identification cards must be worn at all times while in the building
  • These cards must be worn on a lanyard, displayed on the front chest area

Students will not be allowed to enter the building without an identification card.

They will be sent to the Visitor's Center to obtain a temporary identification card for a $1 fee. Refusal to follow this policy will result in a referral to the Discipline Office.

Students may obtain a maximum of five temporary identification cards per school year. After all temporary cards have been purchased, a replacement identification card must be purchased for a $5 fee.