Viking Initiative Period-Update
Posted on 08/31/2017
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Important update on VIP
Beginning on Tuesday, September 5th the Viking Initiative Period (VIP) time will be used for extra academic and social emotional support. Students will be notified by their classroom teacher if they are required to attend a VIP assistance session. If students are instructed to attend, it is directly related to their academics and an unexcused absence and consequences will incur if not present.

What this means for our students:

1. Students who are not notified by a teacher to attend a VIP session, are not required to be present in a classroom during VIP. Those who are instructed to attend VIP must attend.

2. Students who are not required by a teacher to attend a VIP session and have their own transportation may arrive later for 2nd period. Students who do not have their own transportation must take the bus at the normal pick up time.

3. Once you arrive at DHS you may not leave campus.

4. The cafeteria will be open during VIP for students who do not require support so that they may enjoy an extended breakfast. Students who are not receiving extra help must remain in the cafeteria until dismissed for 2nd period.

5. We will be monitoring the halls closely and students are not permitted to wander the hallways during the VIP.