April 8th PowerPoint.pptx
March 23rd PowerPoint.pptx
February 24th Powerpoint.pptx
March 2nd Powerpoint.pptx
January 29th-Properties of Water Notes.pptx
February 4th-Capillary Flow-Condensation Notes.pptx     
       Types of Chemical Reactions pp2 Jan. 21st.pptx
Types of Chemical Reactions ppt 1 Jan. 20th.pptx
Counting Atoms and Balancing Chemical Equations.ppt

Hello, my name is Henry Schmitt

Survivor Island

I am teaching Introduction to Chemical Science this school year.  In the past I have also taught Geology and Jr. High Science.  I also hold an endorsement in Biology.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Extension: 1645
Email: SchmittH@Danville.k12.il.us